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Unlocking Dreams And Visions

O Yes it time to SOAR!

But what do some of the symbols mean?

Breath of the Spirit Ministries

Unique revelation. Unique encounters. Unique ministry. We are living in unique times and God is revealing Himself in unique ways. Understanding how to interpret and apply God’s messages in encounters, dreams and visions requires a unique approach. Teaching Barbie Breathitt teaches individuals, teams and churches how to recognize, respond to and release the activity of God with unique strategies. Dream Interpretation Breath of the Spirit is a teaching and equipping ministry. We are set apart to more firmly establish the ability to understand conundrums and mysteries hidden within your dreams. To the extent we hope you contact Breath of the Spirit to find out how you can begin or more fully develop your gift of dream interpretation. To those of you who have difficult dreams and can’t find adequate interpretation, we offer www.MyOnar.com as an alternative. Encounters A selection of courses are available that provide inspired teaching and engaged participation to empower individuals in daily life and ministry.

  • Revelatory encounters

  • Healing encounters

  • Dream encounters

  • Angelic encounters

  • Kingdom encounters